Your largest sexual organ is your MIND


Sexual enjoyment

Your largest sexual organ is your MIND.

If you want to alleviate any sexual problems or increase your sexual joy, then you need our Re-programming CD’s to help you to achieve that.

Lack of sexual desire

This is almost always the result of negative messages received during your childhood or earlier life.

Lack of arousal in men

97 % of all erection problems are mental conflict; For example – not wanting to give pleasure, guilt, and negative thoughts from the past, or being unable to handle feelings of fear.

Lack of orgasm in women

This is a mental process and is mostly caused by negative thoughts and perceptions about sex learnt at an early age.

Alleviating sexual problems

There is only one mistake everyone makes – focusing on what they don’t want. You feel embarrassed by your problem. You try to ignore it and end up thinking about it all the time.

Whatever you notice you get more of. Your subconscious does not know the difference. It only follows instruction. The more you trigger and mentally rehearse what you do want, the more you focus on it, and the more the result you want comes about (i.e. your subconscious gets the instruction and brings it about).

The movies we play in our mind create our reality. You need to learn to create and play only what you want to occur in your mind. You then become the Architect and Designer of your life.

Life and sexual problems

Sex is never isolated from the rest of our lives, our relationships; worries about work, money, health and physical looks all affect our sexuality. For example – when men experience financial problems, their libido and ability to perform sexually goes down, and they may not even want sex.

Beliefs & sexual problems

Your feelings create your actions and your behavior.

Then what creates your feelings? They are your beliefs. A belief is an idea or image that you have accepted as true.

Whatever you tell yourself and believe, then that is true for you. For example – you cannot have good sex if you believe that sex is bad.

Sexual fantasies

We tend to overlook the playfulness of sex. Sex can be the most natural form of play. Sharing fantasies can open the door for closer, greater intimacy, better relationships, increased pleasure and quality of life.

Therefore, for sex to be fulfilling you need to learn how to express yourself to those around you.

Sexual enjoyment

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