Stop Smoking Program & Audio


Hypnosis has been scientifically proven to be the most successful method of smoking cessation.

Smoking is nothing more than an external means to change the way you feel.

Smoking is, most of the time, just the symptom of a one or a number of underlying issues.  Perhaps your inability to handle stress, or to create the good feelings you want.

In order to have become a smoker, you had to “practice” to become one.  Your body did not readily accept being poisoned.

Hypnosis rapidly breaks the bond between you and the cigarette, and short circuits the normal need to “practice” to get out of it.

With hypnosis we help to change the way you feel towards the cigarette.  We help you to put the pain and pleasure in the right place.

Putting you back in control, allowing you to feel good and be happy again.