it is BIG business


The health industry is the biggest industry in the world, bringing in more than most medium-sized countries – it is BIG business.

If there are no sick people, there is no sick industry. If they “cured” you and everyone else, the industry would collapse. It is not in their interest to “fix” you.

They do their best to make health and disease seem so complicated – giving symptoms Greek and Latin names – cloaking everything in mystery.

They address the symptoms instead of dealing with the cause. They scare us and then herd us into doing what they want, taking a massive toll on our wallets and our health.

But Health & Happiness is a Choice – Learn How to Choose Them.
Health is made out to be so difficult to understand, but it is not. It is very simple. When you break the conditions of your being, you become sick. It is that simple.

4 Steps to turn around any health problem

So, the answer is simple. Find out what conditions your body requires and then fill them. There are just 4 steps to turn around any health problem:
1. Remove the cause or causes;
2. Save your energy;
3. Follow the principles;
4. Fill your body’s needs.

My Book

We at the Alpha Wellness Centre have no product to sell and no vested interests to serve.  Our mission is to give you back control over your body and your health.

Health & Happiness is a Choice – we will show you how to choose them.

I have written a book that you can download for less than the cost of a doctor’s consultation which you will be able to read in a short time.

I have done my best to make it as clear and simple as possible and you will:

Find out the Seven Causes of Disease
Learn why we are still being treated as if we were living in the dark ages
Discover what are the symptoms of disease
How drugs hide the symptoms but make you sicker
Learn how the medical sect scares us into doing what they want us to do
Discover the ideas that the medical sect created to control us
Find out why “bugs” are not the problem
Learn what are the 8 Tools to Health
Learn what are the 5 Needs / Elements / Conditions of Health
Learn what are the 10 Principles of Health
The six steps you need to take to regain your health
Get my Book
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