beliefs about ourselves and the substance


Everyone is doing the best they can and to fill their needs, to feel good and to be happy. Once they know better they will use their new knowledge to feel good. We are always doing what we feel like doing. So it is

… our feelings that create our actions and behavior

So what creates our feelings? It is our ideas and our beliefs. What beliefs / ideas cause us to take the wrong action over and over again?

- They are beliefs about ourselves and beliefs about the substance.

What makes us feel bad

There are a number of factors, of which the main ones are -

Focusing on what you DON’T WANT (the problem), instead of on the solution or what you DO WANT.
Believing that something outside of you can make you feel good or happy (a drug, someone else, or God).
We have been trained by our parents, society and/or the church to judge, to be critical and/or to reject ourselves and others – leaving us feeling isolated and bad. We have constantly been told we are not good enough, that we are bad or that we were born sinners.
We have not been taught or shown how to fill our needs for love, financial security, to feel secure or to belong. As a result, we feel out of control and live in quiet desperation.
We have not been trained to deal with bad feelings. We have been trained to suppress them.
We have been trained to compare ourselves to others as to what we have and not be happy.
Our parents, the State and the church all want to control us. We end up feeling like victims, with no power and, as a result, we feel out of control.
We grow up treating ourselves the way we were treated as children. We teach people how to treat us by the way we treat ourselves. We punish ourselves, make ourselves feel guilty and we live with shame.
We have been conditioned to believe much that is not so. We are constantly confused by reality. So we try to escape it by believing in “magical” thinking (religion), superstition, taking drugs or living in a fantasy world of movies and soap operas.
Overcome these addictions
Overcome these addictions

Sugar Addiction
Chocolate Addiction
Junk Food

Therefore, to a large extent, in order for us to become happy and feel good it is a ridding process – ridding ourselves from false concepts, beliefs and ideas about life and about ourselves.

We create our own Heaven or Hell by our meaning we attach to each event.

So your first step to freedom is becoming aware of the principles that govern this world, that govern relationships and that govern us.

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