Relationship Principles
filling each other’s needs

Relationship Principles

Most relationships break down, not because the people do not love each other.  They break down in spite of the love they have for each other.

Why is this?  Because they do not know about the relationship principles / forces at work in a relationship.  When I asked what had happened after they broke up, they are not sure what had occurred.  They normally say something like :  “he was abusive” or “we do not have enough in common” or “ there was a lack of communication”.

This happened to me, and I was determined to find out why, despite the love, it had come to an end; ever since I have been passionately discovering the forces involved in romantic relationships.

Relationships are about filling each other’s needs:

Women do not understand men, their needs and how to fill them.

Men do not understand women, their needs and how to fill them.

When a woman is trying to get across her needs to her man, her requests seem unreasonable, whimsical, irrational and too general to be real.  They do not sound logical to him.  He cannot comprehend the requests so he does nothing.  It just goes over his head as if he has not heard it.  This leaves a woman feeling trapped and resentful.  He does not know why she is so angry and unhappy.

Because she is so unhappy, his needs are not being met, and he is also unhappy and feels that he is not being appreciated.  He buys another book on how to make more money to provide more.  Women are the key to any romantic relationship.  She needs to understand the forces involved in her relationship, because she feels happy to the degree that she feels her relationship is strong.

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