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Meet Keith Darroll

Even as a child Keith was a master problem solver at school. The kids used to line up to have him fix their toys.

The principal and teachers used to call him out of class to fix various things and problem solve.

He was, unfortunately, very ill as a child and he hated being sick. So this drove him to find out why the doctors could not sort out these problems.

Keith also had great leadership skills – starting with Cubs, then on to Scouts and then the army – he continues to lead in his field.

He has had extensive life experience and has also authored two books, “Health and Happiness” and “The Relationship Principles”.

He still has a number of works in the pipeline – “Parenting Principles” and “Addictions: The Power of Beliefs, Focus and more”.

Keith is on a mission to help as many people as possible to take control of their lives, and to get what they want and need.

He would be doing this even if he was not paid.

Why choose us

Keith is one of the most experienced hypnotherapists in South Africa. People from around the world have been reaching out to him because of his reputation for getting rapid results.

Every problem has two parts to it, mind and body.
You cannot deal with just one part and expect results.
When both parts are resolved we have incredible results.

Keith has a deep understanding of what causes health, and how disease is created. He has been helping people for years with so-called incurable diseases.

This is why Keith is light-years ahead of other therapists, with his intimate knowledge of both sides.
He gets to the root of the problem and the symptoms disappear.

Get the principles right and the rest is a matter of detail – Napoleon