Stop Smoking
most smokers want to stop

Stop Smoking

Most smokers want to stop – but just not right now.

When you finally realize that you have had enough, most smokers go through the following:

They tell themselves: “From tomorrow morning I will not smoke”.  They get up and repeat to themselves, over and over: “I will not smoke”, “I must stop smoking”, “I must try”, “I should stop” – willpower method.

After just a short time they find that they have a cigarette in their hands and they are smoking again.

Next, they ask themselves: “What is wrong with me?”  They then proceed to compare themselves, judge themselves, make themselves feel guilty.  They may even shame themselves.  This makes them feel terrible and they start looking for something to make them feel good, and the first thing they think of is their favourite habit – smoking.  So they light up.

After doing this day in and day out for months, they start to run horror movies through their minds about getting lung diseases, being in a wheelchair, and so on.  This makes them feel scared and stressed out.  They feel terrible, so again they look for something to make them feel good.  The first thing that pops into their mind is … you guessed it ….a cigarette!!!  So they smoke again, and this makes them feel silly, weak and out of control.  They conclude that there is something wrong with them: “I must have an addictive personality!”

To do anything you need tools.  To change a flat wheel you need a wheel spanner and a jack.  To bake a cake you need baking trays and an oven.  You also need tools to direct your focus – to change your beliefs.

When you understand the forces that govern and control your emotions, and create your actions you have just taken back power and control in your life.

This is the most successful means to stop smoking as it is based on the natural laws of the mind.  Hypnotherapy helps you to put the pain and pleasure in the right place.