Alcoholics Anonymous (AA) Exposed

The 12-Step Programme is diabolical, although it pretends to be such a “good” programme.

Alcoholics Anonymous was started by a drunk (a hopeless alcoholic), Bill W. in 1934.  It was helped along by Dr. Silkwood, who claimed it was a disease, which it clearly is not.  John D. Rockifeller, who was into funding drugs, alcohol and communism (the three killers), also funded A.A.  What does that tell you?

The American Medical Association (AMA) throws its weight behind A.A.  The medical profession gave the A.A. approval in 1951.  We know they are just the reps for the chemical drug companies.  Dr. Harry Tiebout psychiatrist endorses the A.A.  The plot thickens!  We know, today, that psychiatry is an industry of death.

The Catholics got involved and Father Ed Dowling was the main priest.  The Catholic Church was responsible for withholding knowledge from the people in order to manipulate them.  The Catholic Committee accepted the whole book – only recommended one sentence to be changed.

The 12-steps only took half an hour to write.  The 12-steps reminded him of the 12 Apostles.  The 12 “suggestions” – the “spiritual experiences are nearly always founded on calamity and collapse”.

The common features of people with addictions are –

  • They feel powerless to bring about the feelings they want.
  • They feel out of control – their sense of power is on the outside.
  • They generally do not have a good relationship with themselves and others.
  • Because they have their sense of power on the outside they tend to act irresponsibly.
  • They tend to see themselves as the problem and label themselves, for example “I am weak / I am a junkie / I am an alcoholic.
  • They have a number of very bad non-supportive beliefs that keep them trapped.
  • They are unaware of what they want or
  • How to get it.
  • They have unmet needs, and as a result they feel terrible.
  • They do not know how to get rid of the negative emotions or feelings.
  • They believe the substance is giving them something.
  • They have placed pain and pleasure in the wrong place.
  • That each person is doing the best they can, and if they knew better they would do better.

The A.A. literature and programme is full of terribly damaging suggestions.  Instead of empowering the person to take control of their lives, they admonish them to give it away, to give up their power and

Step 1 – “to admit that they are powerless” / “to just give up!”  We know that one of the most basic needs is to feel good.  Holding up this feeling is a sense of power and of being in control.

We know that people are addicts because they feel out of control / powerless.  Their sense of power is on the outside and they are unable to get what they want and need.

Step 2 – “only something on the outside can help you.”

Step 3 – give up responsibility and ask someone else (a Higher Power) to sort out the problem.

Step 4 – Look for everything that is bad in you and record it, i.e. judge yourself!  We know that terrible feelings of inferiority come from one thing, and that is by comparing, criticizing and judging yourself (what is love?  Love is acceptance.  The opposite of acceptance is rejection).  When you judge, criticize and compare yourself, you reject yourself.  Self-acceptance is the foundation of happiness.  Self-acceptance is more important than anything, because everything springs from there.

We also know that happiness and feeling good is a ridding process – ridding yourself of self-criticism, self-punishment, self-hate, shame, guilt, apathy, anger and fear.  It is the willingness to let go.  They are released through the empowering thoughts of love and respect for yourself, and not through rejection and criticism.

We need to rid the false opinions and beliefs we have about ourselves, as well as the beliefs of the world in which we live.  Change yourself and you will naturally change your conditions.

Step 5 – Tell yourself and everyone else how bad you are.

Step 6 – Then ask this force / being / this power on the outside to take away our defects of character.

When you fall in love (total acceptance, which is the secret of feeling good), you focus on all the good aspects of the person.  Step 6 is doing the exact opposite.

Step 7 – Humbly beg this unseen “being / force / power” on the outside to take away our defects.

Step 8 – Focus and make a list of how bad you have been to everyone and record it.

Step 9 – Beg them to accept and forgive you.

Step 10 – Continue to focus on how bad you are and accept that you are not good enough.

Whatever you focus on you get more of!

When you continue to judge yourself, you feel terrible; and when you feel terrible it is natural to want to try and pull away from the pain.  The alcoholic uses alcohol to do that.  This program is not the blind leading the blind, but a hopeless alcoholic leading other alcoholics.

Step 11 – Ask this external “power / being / higher power” what he wants to do with you (after admitting how bad you are, how many defects you have and how many people you have hurt)?  He would most probably send you to the human waste dump!

Step 12 – Somehow, by kicking yourself in the teeth and up the backside, and admitting what a defective being you are, giving all your power away to control your life, these previous 11 steps will miraculously give you a spiritual awakening.  The only “spirits” they know is Brandy, Vodka and Gin.  If you have not got this “spiritual awakening”, then that just proves and shows how defective you are.

All you need to do is keep coming back, and mixing with other out of control people – people who do not have the answers to their problems.  If they did, they would have sorted them out.  “If you don’t come back, you are a loser!”  I don’t think so.

You are the sum total of the five people you interact with.  The last people you need to keep mixing with are other alcoholics and addicts.

Some other extremely terrible ideas and beliefs that the A.A. propagate –

  • The problem is a progressive illness / disease which cannot be cured. With this belief you might as well drink and be merry.  Why fight something you cannot cure?  We know this is rubbish.  Millions of people have taken control / power / responsibility of their lives and assigned that “way” of coping to the rubbish bin.  When you know better, you will do better.
  • That abstinence is the most important thing without exception. Drinking, overeating and taking drugs are all symptoms, and not the problem. When you focus on the symptom / substance, it actually enhances the addiction – whatever you focus on you get more of).
  • Once an addict always an addict. The A.A. is admitting that their program is completely ineffective and against addiction.  What an admission ??!!
  • The problem is so huge and so difficult you are powerless over it. The A.A. clearly has no confidence in their ability to help anyone.
  • The problem is a progressive illness, which cannot be cured. Why would anyone bother to attend such a useless program.  They tell you up front that they do not have the answers to help you.
  • The only hope is to arrest it! The people who wrote this program should have been arrested for propagating so much utter rubbish.
  • Don’t seek professional help! For what reason?  If you have a problem with your car, you will take it from one mechanic to the next until you find one who will sort out the problem.  The A.A. clearly has not got the solution.  The kingdom of heaven is within.  Having to be funded by the breweries, we know why they don’t want you to succeed.
  • They get the person to stand up, say their name and state that “I am an alcoholic / drug addict” or whatever they label themselves.


  • Whatever you label yourself, you will live according to that label. The label creates an image of who you are; therefore you will always behave in a manner consistent with your self-image concept.  This program is really, really bad, and it goes on and on. They speak endlessly about their problems and never about the solutions.  Wow, what a program!  This is Dr. Harry Tiebout, the psychiatrist influence.

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